Monday, March 6, 2017

Being Mentally Strong

Being Mentally Strong

Many people spend their time in talking about physical strength. Everybody concentrates on their physical fitness. Even newspaper, magazine’s are flooded with with information regarding healthtips, importance of health and how to lose weight from a particular body part, healthy food recipe and much more. Several health programs are being aired on TV, like health TV show, health and lifestyle show, TV commercials are dominated by the latest fad diets and weight loss supplements. But mental strength has certainly never attracted that much attention. Yet, without mental strength, we aren’t likely to reach our physical fitness goals or any other goals.
What is the mental strength?
"Mental toughness" keeps you strong at adverse times. It gives you the ability to keep your focus and determination during difficult times. Some even opt for video games and other outdoor games to boost their mental strength. Mental toughness gives you the tenacity to learn from your mistakes without damaging your inner peace from sudden burst. This resilience and fortitude also gives you the strength to keep your emotions in control during extreme situation. Essentially, mental toughness is the voice in the back of your head that tells you to keep going, keep pushing, and keep trying, even when the going gets tough. They say "life's tough, get a helmet." These tactics can help you create the helmet you need.

Importance of mental strength—
Mental strength is the supportive key that develops our full potential in life. Today from small to old every person is suffering from mental stress. In today’s world, everyone has to deal with some issues internally.  In such situation mental strength is the only key that can balance out. Despite the significance of mental strength in life, many people aren’t familiar with the concept. There are a lot of people who are having misconceptions about what mental strength really is and why it’s important. Have you ever wondered from many people only a few become a good athlete? or a good leader? or a good parent? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail? What makes them different? Is it their talent? Usually, we answer these questions by talking about the talent of top performers. She’s faster than everyone else on the team. He is a brilliant business strategist. He must be the smartest scientist in the lab.
But I think there is more to the story than that. In fact, when we start looking into, it seems that their talent and intelligence don’t play nearly as big of a role as we might think. The researcher’s studies have found that intelligence only accounts for 30% of your achievement — and that’s at the extreme upper end.
Then if it is not talent or intelligence than what impact makes them bigger? Is it mental strength?
Research concludes that it is their mental toughness — or “grit” that makes them unique and more successful than others. It lays a strong foundation in order to achieve your goals in health, business and life. That’s a good thing because we don’t have much in hand to do something about the genes you were born with, but you can do a lot to develop mental strength.
Mental strength gives you—
Emotional stability- If you are emotionally strong then is able to win every battle of life and it is only possible from mental strength. It strengthens the ability to stay calm under pressure or stress and boosts your confidence. 
Perspective- Mental strength gives you immense faith when the world seems to have turned against you. You have to learn to keep your troubles in proper perspective without losing sight of what you need to accomplish.
·        Empowering perspective changes everything.
·        Empowering perspective manifest in mental strength energy.
·        Empowering perspective can create a life of power, purpose, and passion.

Readiness for change- If change is truly the only constant, then adaptability and flexibility are among the most important traits you can develop. 
Detachment-. Don't take things personally or waste time wondering Why me? Instead, focus on what you can control.
Strength under stress- The best way to get strength under the stress is playing indoor or outdoor games that helps in taking out frustration and anger.
Preparation for challenges- gaining mental strength is in itself challenge once you achieve you are prepared for facing the challenges. 
Focus- focus comes from metal strength. How? If you can control your emotions then your focus sharpens.
 The right attitude toward setbacks- when your mind is stable then you can take the right decision in critical issue.  

 Many more things come in your nature after getting mental strength like self-validation, patience, control, acceptance, endurance in the face of failure, Contentment, Tenacity, a strong inner compass, and uncompromising standards.

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