Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why companies fail in satisfying the customer.

Loyal employees is a key for customer satisfaction.  
 In competitive world many organisations deal with the same products but their success and popularity differs depending on customer satisfaction. People often live in a dream that they have some mysterious and magical formula that leads them to customer satisfaction. But customer satisfaction can’t be achieved by any formula. Those businesses also fail who think money, brilliant ideas and quality of products only make business; now you are thinking if all aspects are available i.e. money, ideas and quality products than failure????? The reason behind failure is they offer what they perceive to be important, not what customer actually wants. And another important thing which a business must do to keep the customer satisfied is to maintain their loyalty. Ensuring that a client is satisfied with every point of interaction is a process that leads to loyalty down the road…… So once you’ve decided to be loyal to the customer and want to build a long term relationship with them, you need to know where you’re going wrong. How do you make sure you’re delivering value and setting your business up for happy customer relationships?
For that you must introspect these questions---------- Is the project proceeding as expected? Does your client prefer to do something else? Do they have all the information they need? If you find this question answer your half path of customer satisfaction is completed.
But the question is why many companies are failing??  You can’t even thing the reason is as tiny as a small ant i.e. lack of information---- when the company loses its vision or initiative in a clear sense, they fail. Most of the time it happens that people don’t know about work culture of the company and its services. How that service is beneficial for them. This lack of information hampers the growth of company. For that via internet marketing they can spread their valuable information to the people. 

Another reason of failure is----------- your crucial behaviour with employees and the same mindset is transferred to the customers. Demoralizing of employees has a direct affect on the customer. It is employee’s behaviour that rises up the company or gets it down, that wins the customer heart and gains their faith. It is the faith that makes them loyal. Employee’s role is the biggest in customer satisfaction they are the one who knows about the company and can forward good information to customer. So a company must hire employees with not only good attitude but also fit for the company. Rule: treat the people you work with the same as you want the customer treated. 
communicate with the customer to deliver them the best
Lack of study on customer--- It is company mistake that they don’t study on customer thinking, they deliver as per their requirement not what customer wishes. This gets them on failure path. Study confirms the level of customer service that gets the company on right position after that company is able to deliver higher than what customer expect company delivers. With the regular surveys and conversations with customer ensures that whether you meet their expectations. Ideally, the company and its people will exceed the customer’s expectations.

Focus on profit than building relationship with customer-- Many companies concentrate on profit instead of taking concentration on customer approach and build relationship. This is the huge mistake, place money over the customer and think get a sale. Put the customer above the money and the money will eventually follow and you can witness a long-term, loyal customer relationship.

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