Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What makes an organization successful?

Action is the foundational key to success

Establishing an organization is not that tough but taking it on the road of success is a more challengeable task. A famous proverb- The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. Hard work is the only key that turns the difficult situations into simpler one. Today’s workforce is not what it was years ago, but the experience holders in any company have their own place. Likewise management practices, it has not always changed with the times. The strength of any organization depends on how effectively its employees are treated and how much goodwill is created in the employees. Organization success depends upon many things and managing people with respect is one of them, from the time they are being interviewed for a possible hire, to the time of their leaving the organization, is the hallmark of modern, successful organizations. Manager’s work is to build good relationships and strong spirit within their organizations. The organization should look after it.
In organization, leadership should be strong. The most successful companies recognize effective leaders and harness them to maximize results. Let’s take the process of a subway or train system, stations are milestones, signals tell the engineer when to go faster or slower, depending on what is ahead. What are your indicators to determine your optimum speed? An organization has to find out what is their milestone or signal. The success of an organisation relies on exact optimization, good process and most importantly on their coordination and communication with each indicator. Effective communication is the next, for success of the companies’ communication should be strong enough so that all the employees have a clear understanding. Strategy, like the champagne tower at a wedding, starts at the top but cascades throughout the organization. Just as champagne must fill every glass for the tower to work, every employee work as champagne must know their part in the strategy for it to succeed. Effective communication requires candour and transparency. By sharing internal best practice and knowledge about customer across the department with an intention of improving result a company leads to the path of success. Like a garden possess a periodic need to overly blossom parallel with the nature of today’s organizations and in particular, there is a periodic need to take steps that would help rejuvenate your team and their collective efforts whether your organization is looking to address the challenges being brought forth by today’s global economy or simply to make some changes to keep on course with your objectives.  

Great idea, clear vision and correct stretegy lead to success
In the organization employees should receive equitable benefits i.e. health and unemployment insurance, vacation and sick leave, these shows how much you think for the employees.   

•    Companies growth depends upon policies and procedure and should be very clear and understandable and the most important acceptable.  
•    Policies and procedures are simple to read and understand and readily available so that the employee clearly knows what constitutes acceptable—or unacceptable—behaviour.

•    Supervisors of an organisation should assess regularly the performance of their employees and locate an area of growth and a place where refinement might be needed.
•    A good organization always support and recognizes employees from their supervisors for good performance.
•    Provide fair, competitive wages and regular merit increases.
•    In organization, employees have a clear chain of command in which they answer to their direct supervisors, without interference from higher level management
•    Employees have easy access to a human resources specialist or higher level manager, for disputes or other problems that cannot be easily resolved.
•    The organization should place rule for fair treatment and do proper documentation of employee’s performance before disciplinary action is taken.    
•    It must take review from employee and customer  
•    Try to understand the employees need and in fairness are entitled to, provide adequate opportunity to address issues and
•    Should have access to mediation when needed.  

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