Thursday, February 23, 2017



Before giving a kick start to our today’s blog, we would like to first introduce our users to the definitions of SEO and SEM -

SEM is a more extensive term than SEO as in case of SEO the users will get only a better organic search result while by SEM your business will be targeted to more traffic through web-advertising.
This could be better understood with an example -Suppose when the customers uses a search engine to find “the best dental clinic” of any area, then he/she will get an organic search engine result provided by SEO technologies which can only assist your data or web-page in being more visible towards the first page of any search engines, 
While by SEM, your website’s paid advertising or sponsored links will get prominently displayed above or beside the organic search results.
 Thus, SEO and SEM are the most helpful tools to get visible in both organic and advertised links.
Now we come to the next segment of our blog that is IMPORTANT SEO AND SEM TERMS -

Many times we get confronted by some terms which are not so common among the local people and beginners,

 Today ALADINN TECH PVT.LTD is going to feed some important SEO and SEM terms in your mind’s dictionary-

Anchor text: The anchor text of a back-link is the text that is clickable on the web page. Keywords should be merged with rich anchor texts so that it would help the SEO in Google rankings by associating with your website's content 
Link-bait:In order to improve one’s search rankings,it is a piece of web content published with the goal of attracting as many back-links as possible.
Algorithm: It is used to find the most relevant web- pages for any search query, Google’s search algorithm is used. According to Google, The algorithm considers over 200 factors , including the title tag, Page-Rank value, the meta tags, the age of the domain, the content of the website, and so on.
DOMAIN: The primary address of your website like
Inbound - link - This tool is mostly used by the Google’s search engine algorithm, as inbound links determine how popular a particular website is. In this a hyperlink to a web page from an outside web page is set up to drive traffic and thus improves search engine ranking.
No- follow : It is a link attribute used by website owners to signal Google that they don’t endorse the website they are linking to.
NavigationIt is a useful scheme which helps website users to understand where they are, where they have been, and how that relates to the rest of your online websites.
Traffic Rank- How much visitors your site gets compared to all other sites on the internet is determined by traffic rank.
EPC (Earnings per click): Many contextual Web-advertising publishers estimate their potential earnings based on how much they make from each click.
CPM(COST PER THOUSAND)-It is the amount of monetary charge every time an ad appears for 1000th time.

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language): It is a coding portion of website that a search engine reads.

PPC(PAY PER-CLICK):It is an Advertising method in which we puts an ad in an online advertising place and pays that venue each time a visitor clicks on his/her ad.
Viral Marketing : These are the Self propagating techniques of marketing where common mode of transmission is- blogging, e-mail and word of mouth marketing channels.
Telnet: it is an Internet service which allows a remote computer to log into a local one for projects such as script initialization.
Landing Page: It is a page that is designed strategically to get more visitors.
Technorati:  It is a Blog search engine which tracks popular stories and thus link relationships.
Directory: - Just like the other directories for people and phone numbers, these are directories for websites. Submitting your site to these directories gives you more than just an inbound link and thus helps people to find you.