Monday, February 13, 2017

Social Media Friends

Social Media is an online platform, build to connect the people online. This technology can be easily accessed by your mobile phones, laptops, and tabs. There are many social networking sites to stay in connection with our friends and family like- Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram, snap chat and much more. Social networking is rapidly increasing these days and more than 70% to 80% people are connected through social sites. It is very useful and demanding. Through social media, we can make new friends and remain connected with the old friends. We can share everything related to personal or professional through social media without hesitation which we might face when talking to in person. Through social sites, we can share our memories or any posts with our friends. We can also get to know what is going on in our friend and family life. Due to busy schedule, we hardly make out time for all of our friends and family members, but social media allows us to stay in touch. It is more beneficial to the people who live in another city and want to connect with school friends.

Like every coin has two sides, similarly social media is no doubt beneficial in various ways but if misused can lead to disastrous consequences. We know cyber crime is reaching heights, ruining people’s life. They hack the social accounts and use personal photos or any other documents for their benefits. They treat very politely and behave like we are good friends.

To avoid such problems, we should stay in connection with known person so that we can continue our enjoyment and share our posts freely. Apart from all negative points, the core point of social media is that we can connect with all the friends. Through this, we can maintain our relations with friends and get updated every time. We can get to know many new things. It makes us happy as well as sad. We can also do video chat through social media with our friends and can see there expressions or happiness that we are missing these days. Social media is not just for fun, it’s about sharing their happiness and any incidents that happens in their life. Through social media friends, we can get to know many new things or any social news that is happening in their local area.

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