Friday, February 3, 2017

Online Marketing And Its Importance

Online Marketing
Online marketing has created new ways for businesses to reach out to and attract customers, there are also some negative consequences for both the marketer and consumers that come with the process of internet marketing as the online marketing is the immeasurable amount of brand and product information available on the web which is a negative consequence for the customers because large amount of information may make the customers hard to decide and make him more confused and unsure about the products or options which is best for them. This is not only the problem of the consumer but also creates negative situations for the marketers.
Like, if a consumer is looking for a mobile phone than he may choose a phone by going a mobile store in his area and which will also create a healthy competing environment of mobile stores in the area, however if a customer searches online for a mobile phone he get thousands of options in the results to choose from all over the world. This leads to bad implications for marketers as the competition increases than there is less chances of the marketers to stand out to their target audience.

Reality of Social Media
It is great to have an online business of your own as you get all the freedom to work and make you own decisions and show your talent in online marketing but is it really helping you to grow? No, even it is making you lazy and procrastinates on important things that need to be done.

The advertisement in online marketing presents a product in the best light possible which misleads the consumers. Also, it generates unrealistic expectations of the consumers with the products by the advertisement activity through online marketing.


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