Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why you Should Blog?

Why you should blog
If you don’t know about the blog business, you have landed at the right place that would provide you with the necessary information. What’s your favorite piece of social media- Google, facebook, Twitter? Although those are great but the very first thing you should consider is to write a great blog. It’s so effective that it’s been the key strategy to my success. I have seen that the traffic is boosting up to sky high when your blog content has some valuable words. It increases traffic to our website from the customer through a blog. Our blog is so beneficial in strengthening our customer relations. It builds trust and helps to show their expertise on this field. The blog is one of the most valuable tools that every business has to engage with customers. Still, if you have not started a blog it’s time to start a one. We believe it’s never too early to start preparing for the future as a market agency. It is quite worth for your business. It can open a new door for your business that people have never noticed. It is a constant piece of marketing. Social media sharing of your blog would get you more traffic or links. You should use your domain name for the blog. It isn’t that difficult. You can post anything on your blog- videos, photos, podcasts, presentation and much more. A well-framed blog with proper keywords increases your SEO ranking for sure. Make a list of keywords, topics and some categories that you want your business to be found with. In your blog, use expressions and words when you writing.

Here are some reasons why you should blog for your business:

1.    It is a simple and easy platform to connect with the customers and share some relevant information.

2.    The blog doesn’t require any professional designer or any graphical skills. Blog platform has some valuable words.

3.    According to HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses requires the blog.

4.    A blog creates a place about the new product or service, comments on new topics or market trends. It’s the place to show people who you are all about and your brand’s personality.

5.    Blog writing shares your expertise.

6.    A blog creates a two-way conversation with customers. It includes- comments, feedback, and interaction. You should reply to every comment.

7.     It is fun, energizing, stimulating and something new to look forward.

8.    A blog keeps the focus on content marketing. It must be in continuous.

9.    It builds your confidence, relationship, and sales in your business.

10.    In a blog, you can write about your business and how you can help them.
11.    Every blog post is a long term asset that helps to promote your product and service.
12.    Through the blog, you can see many ideas around you.

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