Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Google Makes you Smarter


It has an answer to all your queries
There was a time when a student inquired from the teacher, a child from its parents, an employee asked his boss, and many such people consulted some experienced people for clearing their queries.
But as we are moving on to the later generation what we find is that all of the above people including those who need to inquire something or the other goes to the ultimate destination: GOOGLE and thus get a solution of every problem within a fraction of seconds.

In today’s world, the word “SEARCH” has got an another synonym  that is GOOGLE. We find a lot of smart people who commonly use the phrase “Just Google it” for every query that we shoot on them. Since everybody is aware of the extensive use of Google maps, Gmail, search engine and the playstore, we are bringing some of the things in limelight which are equally useful.

In this modern world, everyone and everything is developing so speedily that one cannot afford to be legged-back with even a fraction of seconds, so GOOGLE is the Best and the Smartest platform which has enhanced our efficiency and skill.
The most widely used search engine “GOOGLE” is the leading company in Online-Business today. Google is a technology leader which focuses on improving the ways people find and then use information. It had by far now maintained the world's largest online index of working websites and other contents and, via their automated search methodology, it has made all the information freely and instantly available to any individual with an Internet connection. GOOGLE’S main goal is to organize and store world's Information and make it universally accessible to every person.

In this blog we are providing you some tips which can make you smarter if you follow these things while using GOOGLE -
Abundant Apps to help you out
1.   You can actually SET a TIMER on
If you are trying to keep your tasks scheduled, especially on your PC’S, then you can select the timer option on Google and continue your work in another tab. When your time is up, the Google Timer will sound up. This is a quick tool for people who spend a lot of time on the computer since you get the reminder right there on the same screen.

2.               EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE WITH Google-
If you are an enthusiast of astronomy or simply curious about galaxy, Google Sky is in your way to enthrall you with vivid pictures of various constellations.

If you are trying to find out what a FRENCH word means, then Google has made it very easy for you to translate! From the regular Google Translate, first click on the pencil in the bottom of first box. Then a notepad will appear on the screen giving you the option to draw the symbol. Google will then automatically detect the language and translate it for you quickly.

GOOGLE can actually make you informed about the calories
that you are taking in and thus help you in monitoring your diet.

5.               COMPARISON OF WORDS-
You can also compare your terminology on GOOGLE by ranking its popularity.

That’s all for today’s blog….Hope you will use these tips and become smarter! 

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