Thursday, February 2, 2017

Effective Strategies to Retain Employees..

Every company wants the best employees to work for them. While filling the vacant positions at the office, the professionals seek for talented employees who stand out from the rest. Since they are expected to expand the company in terms of business and economy. But If you think just by hiring a bunch  of brilliant people out there, you can ensure company’s success, you seem to be missing an important attribute which is employee retention. You need to make sure that the proficient employees in your organization stick to the company adding productivity and growth.

Satisfied employees make great company

Just imagine if one of the best employees leaves you in the midst and you have got many targets and challenges to be met. Finding a replacement for a proficient and old employee who knew every nook of the company’s working system is not an easy task.

The technique of retaining the employees by implementing new policies and strategies is broadly known as employee retention. Some of the meritorious brains walking out of the company have a great potential to bring down the organization. Well, the problem is that the company does not implement effective policies and practices this on superficial level. Some of the reasons which contribute to this situation, where the company helplessly watches the draining of good staff from the company are enlisted below.

1.       Bosses promote the blue eyed one or seeing the potential rather than the performance.

Well, this situation sucks and you feel like punching your boss when just by flattering or buttering one flies away with a promotion and you who drenched day and night is standing there congratulating him. It is human tendency to be valued and get the contribution being acknowledged. But if something like this happens, the employee would starts thinking for making a shift where his talent would be praised and he would get recognition.

2.       Haught y Leaders

Working with a leader who is frowning and turns a blind eye to any of your suggestion is a major turn off. The leader is supposed to boost the morale of team and increase the coordination among the team members so they can come up with some new and fresh ideas. The leaders should help the employees open up and give a language to their thoughts so that they don’t feel embarrassed while giving valuable ideas.

Well, these problems are present in every organization. You need to counteract them effectively in order to retain the employees. If you want the employees to be in the company for a long run or a lifetime, scroll down to see some techniques that might help you.

1.       Room for advancement

Everybody wants to step higher in the ladder of profession. They can do so if they gain the skills required. The employee would love to opt for a company which grooms them, enhances their capability and gives them more opportunity to learn.

2.       Positive Environment and Favorable Company Policies

The company should not see the employees merely as machines responsible for giving output. The employees can be more productive and work effectively, if they have a friendly and positive work environment. As the proprietor of the organization you  should be aware whether the employees get enough time to recharge themselves. In addition to this, the company should have friendly policies having perks and benefits.

...     Deserving Pay

Even when you toil hard and make the projects successful, you are not given appraisal. In such a situation it is better to opt for a job can weight your talent with money. The manager should acknowledge the efforts put in by the employees by giving them appraisal from time to time. It acts like a boosting element. The next thing that comes after work satisfaction is the pay package. The deserving candidate should not be deprived of this privilege.
Loyal employees are an asset for the organization

     4.   Employee Recognition

The team leader should monitor the performance of the employees and those who perform really good or out of the box should get recognition by giving some reward. No doubt, employee recognition programs build some loyal employees and increases their morale. It is not necessary that they should be given some expensive gifts, just a letter of appreciation or an off from work for 2-3 days can do the needful.

Employee retention may sound a small problem to some but this factor can make or break the company. The companies should put in whole hearted efforts in practicing these strategies. 

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