Thursday, February 16, 2017

Eat to Live and Live to Eat

            Eat as if you were to die tomorrow,
            Live as if you were to be forever!

When our earth was formed people used to eat food because they wanted to live but as we move to later life this theory of eating has completely been changed….Now most of the people live because they want to Eat. Eating habits may vary from person to person, Some eat for a reason while Some eat for an occasion. Since ages, the main goal of living beings is to Eat well and Live well!

Our life span on this earth is highly dependent on the quality and quantity of food that we intake….so its the matter of your food choice which will decide your future healthy life. Quality food is a matter of high concern in this modern era of busy and monotonous lifestyle where people don’t have time to do regular physical workouts. Your whole body language is the reflection of the food that you take in, as the more healthy and proper food you eat..the more energetic and happy you will look.

Healthy eating habits should be a combination of balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, minerals etc. The most accepted healthy eating habit is to first we should give preference to a plant based diet. Fill 50% of your plate with veggies and fibrous fruits.Use healthy plant oils, like olive and canola oil in cooking. Get most of the protein in the from of beans, nuts and seeds, or tofu. Pick healthy protein sources like fish cord oil and pulses, not burgers or hot dogs. Eating fish,green beans, or vegetables in place of red meat and chicken can lower the risk of cardiac disease and both types of diabetes. So limit red meat or chicken-beef, pork, -to once a week . Avoid fully processed meat-bacon, hot dogs, fast foods ,since it deliberately raises the risk of heart problems, diabetes, and colon disorder. Grains and pulses are essential for good health. What’s important is to make any grains you eat a whole grains, since these have a greater impact on insulin and blood sugar level of your body. Drink coffee, tea, and other beverages with lower sugar intake as it increases the chances of many disorders in your body. Water also plays a very vital role in your diet as it flushes out every toxin which can change our body to an unhealthy form.
There is a strong belief that the person who chooses to eat well, do proper physical activity, take adequate rest, then he will surely lives a healthy and happy life. So, select your food to feed your stomach..not to feed your emotions. A happy and glowing face is the real reflection of all the foods that we eat.
The diet that we take, can be the healthiest and safest form of medicine that can cure all your emotional, spiritual and psychological choose your food as if you want to be forever happy.

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