Monday, February 6, 2017

Au Jaipur Marathon Live Video Captured By Aladinn

Marathon is a long distance running event usually run as a road race and AU Marathon had organized a marathon in the pink city Jaipur on 5th Feb, 2017 Sunday. The runners began their journey from Albert Hall and continued till World Trade Park with the whole affair lasting for few hours. The marathon had many participants who participated in marathon.

Kangna Ranaut, the famous face of the film industry also participated in the same event to witness the athletes and motivate them.

For the first time, the marathon that held in the Pink City, Jaipur was captured in 360-degree video by Aladinn Technology Pvt.Ltd who captured the video of the whole event from the starting point of marathon.

The athletes in marathon participated from all over the world. Many people who participated in marathon were from the other cities. There were also many activities held at the time of marathon for the non runners for enjoyment and entertainment. As now, the people are becoming more fitness freak it was a great experience to see our youth participating in the marathon in a large number. The event had an energetic environment which automatically motivated the runners and the competition among the athletes was worth seeing. Also, there were groups who were enjoying themselves in the marathon so as to make it more interesting and memorable for them being a part of the marathon.
Aladinn Technology, one of the sponsors of AU Marathon covered the marathon event LIVE on Facebook to showcase the marathon all over the world and took reviews from the participants so as to share their views for event.

The winners were awarded with medals and their reviews were also taken by Aladinn Technology about their feelings after winning the marathon.

It was really a great experience to be the part of the marathon that held in Jaipur on Feb. 5, 2017. The inspirational part of the marathon was when an individual on the wheel-chair completed the marathon with a sporting spirit and also motivated others. The marathon organized by AU Marathon brought people from all walks of life like politicians, social workers, runners, cine stars, players and the layman together.

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