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The word CLOCK is derived from a LATIN term “CLOCCA” that means “BELL” and was first used in about 700 years ago i.e. in 14th century.
The history of clocks is very vast, and over the centuries, there have been many different kinds of clocks and also many different methods were used to calculate the exact time. In ancient period there were no clocks but people used the Sun to tell the time. After that Sundial Clocks were used, in these the shadow of sun points to a number on a circular disk that shows time. Then the period of Water Clocks came, these are the clock which were made of two containers of water, one higher than the other. Water travelled from higher container to the lower container through a tube. The containers had marks showing the water level, and the marks told the time. After that, an age of Pendulum Clocks came, the pendulum swings right and left, and as it swings, it turns a wheel. The turning wheel turns the hour and minute hands on the clock. After all these clocks came the Quartz Crystal Clocks, these were invented in 1920. Quartz is a type of crystal that looks like glass. When you apply voltage or pressure, the quartz crystal vibrates or oscillates at a constant frequency. The vibration moves the clock's hands very precisely and constantly.

So, from the above statements you all can feel that the human race has always been obsessed with the diff-diff types of clocks, and now came the modern age where the time is running very fast as well as the style of clocks is also changing rapidly.

Today, a lot of cool clocks have taken a place in many people’s heart because of their shine and style. We are listing some of them in this blog-

One of the first things you may notice about Clocky is besides how sleek it is, you will see that it has wheels on either side. And when it goes off as it is an alarm clock, it runs from your bedside table and onto the floor, thus, forcing you to get out of bed and chase it around your room to turn it off.

Acctim Dual Port USB Alarm
This clock also allows you to charge your smart-phone from it at the same time, meaning there’s one less plug socket to worry about and also there’s never a need for batteries, unless you want to use them. 
Sonic Shaker Travel Clock:
This alarm clock goes a step beyond the call of duty – it pledges to literally “shake you awake”. Designed for the hard of hearing, it’s certainly loud enough, although the bed shaking is more of a pillow shaking in reality – a pillow clasp is included. Still, it’s enough to have you startled for just long enough, before you realise that it’s only another Monday morning.

Bulb Uno: Uses a vacuum tube to create gorgeous clock, In these type of clocks they have a cool style through which the time is shown by led lighted segments.

Ring Clock: These are the finger Clocks which could be worn on fingers and thus become a style icon in this era.
Sound Rise Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker:
There’s nothing as pleasing like the sound of your favourite tune to get your morning started right! If you’re a music lover and won’t face the day without a few jams in the morning, then you need the sound rise alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker to rock out wheel you’re getting ready. 

Taxi Gun Alarm Clock:
To turn these alarm clock off, which is signified by some sort of car noise (we assume a horn), you simply just have to point the gun at the taxi printed clock, don’t you feel it’ll be quit fun!

There are many more clocks which are already in the market while some are waiting to get introduced, so as far now we are signing off the today’s blog topic…hope you all find it interesting!

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