Monday, January 30, 2017

Why customer satisfaction is important?

 Three parameter of customer satisfaction
 Customer satisfaction is the next competition battle. In simpler ways making customer satisfaction has now become a race between different businesses. If we noticed customer satisfaction is a kind of measuring customer heartbeat survey. Now you are thinking what’s the connection between a customer heartbeat and customer satisfaction? ........The customer heartbeat survey gives a great representation of how much happy your customer is from your service. By measuring the gap between customer and his or her perception of whether those expectation had been met you can survey customers……….The biggest reason behind a successful business is customer satisfaction. As long as a business meets or exceeds their customers’ expectation, the shares, goodwill, reputation of that business is sky-rocketing, so customer satisfaction is the most important step of successful business because customer satisfaction directly affects the economic return or profitability of business,
The point is whyyyy why customer satisfaction adversely affect the profitability???...... Because the path of profitability is gone from customer satisfaction, it is very compulsory for business profitability to turn a customer into retain customer in order to retain your customer, Personalisation is the best way to retain your customer. By doing personalisation we can engage customers, generate more sales and keep customer sticking around. Yes it is true new customers are good for business but associating with customer for long term or loyal buyer is actual company growth and the better yours is, the more profitable your business will be. It’s hard to know how well you’re responding to customer’s concerns when you’re looking at it from the perspective of an insider. To get a more accurate impression of what you can improve on, look for feedback across all of your presence and take the time to create a survey or a poll. Make sure, though, that the feedback you receive is feedback you act and reflect on. 
Customer Retention
Why customer retention is so important????? A mere increase of 5% in retaining customer can grow your profit by 75%, retained customers already know that they can work with you and they may well pass on the good news to further prospects! How do we make it possible??? The employee of your company may well be in regular contact with the customer. They should all have acknowledged about what your customer’s need. Now suppose sale department who doesn’t know what has been sold?? Service department who doesn’t know about customer service issue? Finance department who doesn’t know the account status? None of these things are helpful. In this queue one more thing we can adopt  i.e. modern system, modern system mean that you can make it possible for anyone in your company to log a customer service issue and resolve it.  With this system you can even make it possible for customer to log cases directly into your system, make suggestions and find their own answer from your knowledge base.

Points should keep a company or business for customer satisfaction-------
1 focus on measuring customer satisfaction
2 Build customer loyalty to increase customer satisfaction
3 set customer expectation early.
4 take feedback/ review from customer

5 Email is the best channel to increases customer satisfaction.

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