Monday, January 30, 2017

Importance of Employee Culture

A company can taste pinnacles of success if it is backed by a strong team whose real aim is to see the company soaring high. There is no denying in the fact that any organization is made up by the employees, a good set of working people and a great atmosphere is conducive to it’s growth.
A rich culture encourages the staff to execute the work with perfection.
Energized employees can make the company

The positive approach and an amicable staff smoothly coordinating the tasks happen to be a great asset for the company whereas group-ism, politics and negative criticism are some of the traits that affect the company culture adversely. Another factor is that many a times managers turn a deaf ear to the problems of employees leaving them unsatisfied eventually hampering their growth. Hierarchy is no doubt important for smooth functioning but it subdues transparency at times. The people at higher positions should take out time to see the problems persisting with in the organization.

 A great way of implementing this is to make a secret complaint box where the employees can post the problem or hardship they are facing without disclosing their identity to the concerned authority. Along with this, every person in the company should be able to express his views or give feedback without any barrier on work related issues, keeping the team above self. A poor culture is characterized where the employees try for short cuts and are not attentive towards the work or customer services, lacking professionalism, thus limiting the company’s potential. Moreover, the employees cannot prosper well in the absence of motivational leaders and loses confidence and lacks the ability to come up with fresh ideas.
People with low energy and enthusiasm bring no good

The culture of a company is influenced by the founder, executive and managerial staff since they are responsible for planning and coming out with different strategies. Majority of the people bear the opinion that the employees should confine themselves with the official work only. Rather than this, the companies should organize fun activities once in a month or they can plan field trips which refreshes the employees and makes room for better bonding among the co workers. The employees who enjoy their work can definitely boost up the productivity instead of those who see office as a burden and dread at its thought. In addition to this, people love to work in a place where their contributions are praised or valued. This gives an inspiration and boosts the employees to come up with something more better and innovative next time. The company can do so by giving certain perks or awards.

So if some repeated problems are sprouting up, customers complaint frequently, talented people are performing averagely, they hesitate to implement something new or take risk and the employees do not accept their mistakes and act defensively on being pointed out. The authorities should buck up and plan out the necessary measures to be taken in order to improve the condition before it takes a toll on the company’s success.

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