Monday, November 14, 2016

Importance Of Local SEO For Businesses

Local SEO
Local SEO simply means Local Search Engine Optimization, SEO simply means to promote a website on major search engines with relevant search queries.

As per the analysis search traffic is increasing day by day, also Internet users are increasing day by day, so by such data we mean that searches on major search engines are also increasing, which simply means that traffic on internet is increasing.

If we consider Google as a major search engine then we also have to consider regular updates of Google like Panda Update, Penguin Update and recently Google launched new update for Local SEO which is Google's Possum update.

For businesses and SEO strategies who depend upon traffic Generated From Local Searches Possum is very important.

Possum affects only local search results, it simply means that if anybody trying to rank  for a keywords and if he is not concerned about location, then most probably Possum won't affect him at all.

 It's Easier To Rank Businesses On Local Search Terms

Rank Businesses
In the past days, it was quite difficult for Local SEO professionals to rank a client's website for a specific city if their business address was just out side the city limits.
That didn't seem right to a lot of “Small Business Owners” because businesses that are in close proximity to a city often have customers that live in the city. It just makes sense that they should be able to reach them via local search results.


  Google Map Results Are Important 


Google provides extra information for Location based search queries which is very important with number of factors. Adding location to a search query is definitely a good signal, it indicates that the searcher is interested about the companies near them, not about products, topic or services because of general interest.

NAP Listing Really Matters A Lot

Nap Listing
Nap listings is basically refers to Name, Address and Location of a business place, It simply means that if all the information is correct and updated that It will be easier to optimize local search results, those businesses who share the same phone numbers and domains, then Google will filter out the duplication in content.

The advice for companies in this position is to ensure that your address is listed correctly and in full wherever it is listed – ensure your company name is mentioned along with key contacts and services where possible. Make sure you have Google My Business set up and do everything you can to distinguish from your local peers.


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