Monday, October 17, 2016

Difference Between Google and Facebook

Google Vs Facebook

The biggest difference between Google and Facebook 

1) Google is a never ending process whereas Facebook is meant to end:-
 Google is very much engineering driven - solving hard engineering technology problems - whereas Facebook was a means to an end.

2) Greater Emphasis on Content:-
 Google allows users to search and find content amongst the trillions of pages on the    internet, and Facebook provides a place where people could create their own content and share it with others.

3) Proactivity and Reactivity:-
  Facebook proactivity is best for lead generation whereas Google’s reactivity is best for immediate sales.

4) Social and Search:-
  Google is basically a search engine whereas Facebook is meant for social purposes. Both are highly dignified in their own terms.

5) The Battle for Mobile:-

 Though content will be the biggest commodity in the coming battle between Facebook and Google, the greatest battlefield will be mobile. Even now, Facebook, Google Search, Facebook Messenger and Google Maps are the most popular apps on all mobile devices. Fighting for the time people spend looking at their smartphones and tablets will be one of the most important battles in the coming war.

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